Conference on Modular Forms and Related Topics


    All activities of the meeting will be held on the campus of the American University of Beirut (AUB), 203 Bliss Hall.


    • AUB cannot provide parking for participants arriving by cars. Private parking spots can be found on Jeanne D'Arc street or on Hamra Street.

    • There are many restaurants off campus of almost all international cuisines that supply with cheap, moderate or expensive food. Please consult with the administration of CAMS or with your hotel front desk for a map or for details about restaurants

    • Drinking tap water in Lebanon might lead to serious sickness. It is highly recommended to drink water bottles that are provided by your hotel, meeting organizers or by self purchase off campus for a relatively cheap price.

    • Wireless internet access will be provided by our technical specialists during the meeting. Participants can also use our center`s PCs for internet access upon request.

    • Speakers can request offices during their stay in Lebanon and offices could be provided upon availability.

    • Touristic visits are also available for visitors through local travel agencies. Consult with the organizers of the meeting for information about tours, touristic destinations and travel information.

    • Weather updates will be provided on the website of the meeting days before travel arrangements for international visitors.

    • One does not need to exchange US dollar to Lebanese pounds. The use of US dollars is very common everywhere in the country. However, Euros are not accepted everywhere and one should definitely exchange at the airport or at any exchange point in the city of Beirut.


      All the following phone numbers are provided for domestic use.

    • American University of Beirut (AUB):
    • Switchboard: (01) 350000, (01) 374444, (01) 374374
      Dial 1 then the extension if you have a tone dialer, or stay on the line for an operator

    • Center for Advanced Mathematical Sciences (CAMS):
    • Extension 4390

    • AUB Protection Office (campus security):
    • Extension 2400

    • Lebanon Police Number: 112
    • Lebanon Red Cross Number: 140
    • Local Taxi Phone Numbers
    • Allo Taxi: 1213
      Charlie Taxi: 1514

    • Beirut Airport: (01) 628000
    • Nearby Hotels (Click on the hotel`s name to visit their website
    • Cavalier Hotel
    • Phone Number: (01) 353 001

    • Gefinor-Rotana Hotel
    • Phone Number: (01) 371 888

    • Mayflower Hotel
    • Phone Number: (01) 340 680

    • Golden Tulip Serenada
    • Phone Number: (01) 755550




AUB Mathematics Department  P.O.Box 11-0236 / Riad El-Solh / Beirut 1107 2020- Lebanon , Telephone: +961-1-340460 / 350000, ext 4210, 4124.